3 Instagram Business Insights

3 Instagram Business Insights

My account is just over 3 years old. It started growing rapidly in 2019, now at nearly 100k, and since then I have been fortunate to work with over 100 brands and individuals.

Recently I reflected more about my growth and these are the 3 things that stood out for me: 

  • Brand
  • Authenticity
  • Professionalism

About Branding

* changes people’s perception
* defines goal and clear vision
* clarity with my niche and messaging
* focused and uncompromising content

Changing my account from an aimless, hobbyist account on Instagram into a strong brand that stands out but is still accessible, was the real turning point for me.

So for me, branding was definitely crucial. Branding is more than just a logo. It involves a lot of things from style to colours, to voice, mannerism, messaging, and speaking to your ideal audience.

Fortunately, I had already taken some courses on branding over the years being an entrepreneur running my own photography business so I had insight into this. 

However, it never occurred to me initially to apply my knowledge on branding to my Instagram account.

Here are the three points to remember on branding: 

  • It’s more than just a logo. It’s you!
  • A strong brand is clear and defined.
  • A strong brand is focused on a goal.

About Authenticity

* reflects values and core beliefs
* committed to who I am rather than comparing myself to others or trying to be someone I am not
* takes the pressure off
* keeps me grounded
* true to personality
* not about trends

For example, I don’t like videoing myself I’m quite straight to the point. That’s why I prefer shorter captions that are direct and not rambling. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy reading other people’s long captions. 

The point is, to remain true to our authentic selves and weave that into our brand. Ultimately, our brand and us are one. 

Here are the three points to remember on Authenticity:

  • Helps you get through challenging times on Instagram
  • Is about embracing your personality, values and core beliefs
  • Don’t worry about trends!

About Professionalism

Many of us have some kind of profession so this concept shouldn’t sound alien to us.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over a decade and before that a university lecturer for 7 years in 3 universities, so I have a good idea of what professionalism means. 

* intentionally professional
* meticulous
* present expertise
* all ducks in a row

These things matter. 

This all ties in nicely back to being a strong brand. 

Here are the three points to remember on Professionalism:

  • Must be evident in your all communication
  • Must run through your entire service from beginning to end
  • Must create an impact and set you apart from others

So, those are the three little insights I wanted to share with you about how my Instagram account went from hobbyist to a successful brand.

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