• I want a consistent audience growth.
  • I want creative, inspiring content and visuals.
  • I want a strong personal brand.

Brand partnerships

Through Layered.Home, I support brands by creating strong successful content for brand awareness campaigns and product promotions.

Thank you for your collaboration and work quality! We really loved the content you created with our product. We read the blog article, it’s amazing. Moonwall Stickers, July 2021

“You have been amazing all the way through this whole campaign, we can’t thank you enough!” Cotterell & Co, March 2020

The following are the ways I help brands grow their audience and conversions.

Layered.Home helps brands reach a highly engaged target market that not only spread the word about the brand but also helps conversions. As a professional photographer, I also provide professional photographs as part of brand partnerships.

“Thanks so much for kicking the campaign off with some gorgeous imagery yesterday. Not only are we over the moon, but the client has let us know that they are “incredibly pleased” – yay!” Spode, March 2020

To date I have worked with over 85 different brands on their campaigns and promotions including:


Ronseal, Littlewoods, Gressingham, Trussle, Visual Roar Interiors, Out There Interiors, Wilful Ink, Cushoo UK, Locomocean Ltd, Ink and Drop, Rustic Warehouse Norfolk, Walltones, VonShef, Mocha Home, TIJN Homelife, Linton Art, Roxane Gabriel Art, Scape Interiors Leigh, Sass and Belle, Firefly Home, Murals Wallpaper, Honora, ElsieMarie, Thames Water, The Curators, Tonki, Hello Pea and Me, Napoleon Rockefeller, Bolt & Star, Artfinder, The Folklore Company, Retroduck, Poster Store, Susi Bellamy, Wild Lampshades, KennaSato Designs, Kiss The Moon, Nanas of Anarchy, Love Frankie, Wild One Interiors, Sukhi Rugs, Carpettale, Sooshichacha, Poster Lounge, Claire Elsworth Designs, SoapSmith, Jacqueline and Edward, The Basket Room, Heritage Geneve, IMSVintage, Tess Daly.

“Appreciate all of your input, posts, feedback and general niceness, thank you so much for everything. You have gone above and beyond our expectation and it’s really kind of you.” — Firefly Home, May 2019

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In my experience, giveaways are by far the most effective way of spreading the word about a new brand or a brand’s new collection. Below are the growing list of giveaways I have run on my page.

Fitward and Hayton

Charlton Island

BeijaFlor World

Wilful Ink

Protek Woodstain


Urban Botanist

Naly’s Candles

Avalana Design

Mx Home

Wild One Interiors

Tess Daly with Clarke and Clarke Interiors

Cotterell & Co

Julian Joseph Chairs

Edge of Belgravia


Wilful Ink

Chalk Pink Linen Company

Poster Lounge

Claire Elsworth Designs

RW Norfolk – last of 2019


Sotti & Co

70K Giveaway

Heritage Geneve

The Basket Room


Sass and Belle

Kiss the Moon

Kalm Koala

Bloom & Wild

Russell Hobbs


Edge of Belgravia

60K giveaway with various brands

Poster Store

Folklore Company


Rustic Warehouse Norfolk

Wilful Ink

Bolt and Star

50K Giveaway with various brands

Elsie Marie / Homes on Trend

Festive Lights

Wilful Ink

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