from Bland to Brand Course Value

Course Value breakdown:

1. Live Weekly Sessions £1,000
2. Weekly homework with feedback £400
3. Online access to the course £1,000
4. Personalised feedback £1,500

Total Course Value for 1:1 teaching £3,900

Small Group Course Fee £1,997

First Online (Zoom) Course Fee £997

*Early Enrolment Discount of £200 so you pay £797 via the “from Bland to Brand” course link below.

Payment Plan – 2 payments (week1 & week3 ) of £457 via Paypal – I will send you an invoice if you want this option.

Here is a link that gives you access to the “from Bland to Brand” course outline and details and how to register and enrol on it.

*I will email you separately your special coupon code of £200 off which is yours to use only for 24 hours to reserve your spot until 9th September. After then I will release it for someone else to use.

The course starts on the 24th of September with a small group of 10 and I’m expecting all the places to go fast. Only 8 spots left.Thank you for your time today and hope to see you on the course!


From BLAND To BRAND: is a 5 week course for creatives and entrepreneurs who want to build a strong brand that reaches ideal clients using Instagram as an effective platform that brings in returns.

The framework has you in the centre. Everything we do and discuss has your situation in context so you can apply them in your situation.

Week 1: Branding

Find your personal style, know your story and values, find your niche in order to discover your ‘Why’ and write your brand story.

Week 2: on Ideal Clients

Brand personality, empathy, communication so you know how to attract your ideal clients and know where and how to find them.

Week 3: Presenting your Brand 

Strapline and a business plan, explore networking and marketing options, learn how to price for profit and close sales so you can create your brand bible with clarity and confidence.

Week 4:  Instagram Strategy

Strategic content, authentic engagement, consistent growth, and quality photography so you can effectively use Instagram as a solid platform for your brand.

Week 5:  Collaborations and Paid Partnerships

Find the right brands to collaborate with, build relationships with both influencers and companies, learn to pitch to companies big and small, learn to price yourself and get paid so you get income from Instagram doing what you love.

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