• I want a consistent audience growth.
  • I want creative, inspiring content and visuals.
  • I want a strong personal brand.




“You have been amazing all the way through this whole campaign, we can’t thank you enough!” Cotterell & Co, March 2020

“Thanks so much for kicking the campaign off with some gorgeous imagery yesterday. Not only are we over the moon, but the client has let us know that they are “incredibly pleased” – yay!” Spode, March 2020

“I have just read your blog and it’s superb, thank you for covering all of the sustainable attributes along with your wonderful pictures. The links all look great too and the whole article will help us so much with our Google ranking which is unbelievably important. We can’t thank you enough for all of the dedication you have put into our brand over the last few weeks, the followers are continuing to grow and the Google awareness has been helped enormously. Thank you for doing another story series; it’s incredibly lively… which is really pleasing to see so much appreciation for the giveaway. Thank you for all your dedication to helping us grow, all the hard work you have put into our brand over the last few weeks and for being super efficient” Chalk Pink Linen Company, February 2020

“The blog post and the discussion it’s created is fantastic, thank you for taking the time to add links to my website, sing my praises and write a really engaging blog post. I wanted to say a huge thank you for this fantastic collaboration, it’s my first one and you have been a pleasure to work with, very straightforward and so organised. I’m still absolutely blown away by your wonderful styling and photography of my products and I couldn’t have picked a better person to work with! The wardrobe images are so strong and the one with the pop of yellow just sings! I’ll be getting them on my website and Pinterest very soon. IG follower wise I’m up by approx 440 ish and they are all interior enthusiasts which is bang on target, in the right age range, mostly women in London. I’m still gaining followers and likes from these target markets so my audience is definitely shifting to my desired target market which is great news and the positive feedback on my designs has been phenomenal.” Claire Elsworth, January 2020

“We are really happy to work with you. You did an amazing job.” — Kalm Koala, October 2019

“We are very happy with the photos you have taken and how you ran the giveaway. It definitely helped spread the word about Kiss the moon to a wider audience.” — Kiss the Moon, October 2019

“Thank you so so much for working with us! We’ve had a fantastic uplift in followers and orders since you started posting your gorgeous pictures. As a fledgling business your support is now an invaluable part of our ever growing story. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with… so professional, SO helpful and absolutely spot on with your creative and our aesthetic.” — Bolt and Star, July 2019

“Appreciate all of your input, posts, feedback and general niceness, thank you so much for everything. You have gone above and beyond our expectation and it’s really kind of you.” — Firefly Home, May 2019

“I have just seen all your latest posts and really loved the content. I could see from the comments section your followers were really engaged, so great to see the stats back this up to! It’s nice to get a fuller impact of our smaller products. I have really enjoyed working with you on this and super happy with all the content you created – hope to do something like this again in the future. Look forward to seeing bits of Sass & Belle in your future posts.” — Sass & Belle, May 2019

“When we send out items to the Interior Insta Famous, in return we expect a few pics of our items wonderfully styled up. Never did I ever imagine the beautiful content that would/could be created with our items by one person! Aka Lily is a total force of nature! She is a whirlwind of inspiration for many interior loving Instagram users. I am in awe of her energy and it pours through into her IG account.” — RW Norfolk, March 2019


“Having just celebrated my first anniversary on Instagram, I am incredibly proud of how far my account has come. But I often find myself pondering what I need to do as a user to bring it to the next level. Lily has created two incredibly insightful resources (with many more to come) to help me do just that. These resources are not only free, but incredibly detailed, providing a step by step guide and very useful templates to really get your brain ticking on how best to plan your content, pictures and account in general. I for one, have found the information on lighting, editing and angles of a photograph particularly helpful. Furthermore, when starting a new DIY project, the beginning stages can be very daunting, such as trying to create a tailored mood board. Or considering varying aspects of your budget accordingly. Lily has created detailed templates and suggestive material to really support you in focusing and planning on both of these accordingly. But perhaps my favourite part – the creative ideas for accessorising! I shall most definitely be bringing some of these ideas to life.” Nikki @wakeupinworthing, March2020

“I really enjoyed Lily’s free training resource. It’s full of great ideas and made me think about certain aspects of my interiors page. I particularly enjoyed learning more about photography as this is something I’m keen to brush up on. Looking forward to seeing more.” Danielle, Pavot Blue Interiors, March 2020

“I have been a follower of the Layered.Home Instagram account and Blog for some time and love Lily’s passion for interiors, so when I heard there were free resources available I didn’t think twice about signing up. I am keen to grow and develop my own interiors Instagram account and always on the look out for valuable and understandable information. The three part ‘Instagram and You’ resource is so thought-provoking and was a real opportunity to reflect on my own brand, goals and vision. It’s full to the brim with helpful information on creating strong content, writing engaging captions, photo editing tips etc. The Interiors DIY resource is also a must read for anyone embarking on an interiors project, however big or small and the lists and templates provided will be invaluable for keeping you on track and focused. Thanks so much for sharing your interiors insights Lily – I found it so motivational and can’t wait to put it all into practice.” Jo at Cloud Nine Interiors, March 2020.

“Lily has an amazingly engaged following and writes great content, so it was wonderful to see her Instagram tips which she generously shared. I wish I had been given access to this resource when I started out on Instagram, it would have saved me lots of time! Beautifully written and with some great images to demonstrate advice.” Julia Alexander Interiors, March 2020

“I have just finished reading Lily’s courses – Interiors DIY and Instagram & You, and have to say I am beyond impressed! I certainly don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to Instagram but thought I knew a good bit on how to engage and grow my account but after reading Lily’s course I realise there is so much more I can be doing. She offers so much invaluable advice from how to create your own ‘brand’ to editing photos step by step and planning engaging captions. She also outlines in a fantastic step by step approach how to identify your ‘brand’ and how to plan and create a space from using mood boards and planning budgets. I particularly loved the numerous ideas for upcycles and transformations on a budget! Lily has achieved such amazing Instagram growth in a short space of time and these courses really give such a good insight into how she has managed that growth and how others may have the same success. These courses are a must-read for anyone looking to grow their Instagram accounts, improve their engagement and boost their creativity!” Jen @crack_the_shutters, March 2020

“I have managed to download the resources which are very inspiring, professional, helpful and high quality. A very generous amount of content for a free offer. Your background story is interesting and set the context for the material. Well done!” Ragini Hildreth Coaching, March 2020

“I have followed Lily Sawyer – The Layered Home on Instagram for a while now. I admire her obvious flair and passion for creative interiors, plus her consistent and cohesive branding and engaging content. I found the three-part Instagram & You resource particularly helpful. I am keen to continue to grow and develop my account, so always welcome a fresh perspective and sound, proven advice on how to do so. Lily offers excellent ideas, from getting you to identify your personal brand, to developing strong, engaging content, to enabling you to increase your followers. She prompted me to consider my account and content more objectively and in a new light armed with her insightful suggestions. I found the section on photography and editing very useful, with clear and concise advice and examples. Having scribbled lots of furious notes as I went along, I can’t wait to begin putting them in to practice, developing my own more consistent brand content. The Interiors DIY, is a brilliant tool for anyone undertaking an interiors project or renovation and struggling how and where to begin. Lily gives lots of sound, practical tips and advice from ideas planning and sourcing, to offering brilliant check lists to help keep your project on track. A huge well done to you Lily, for creating such invaluable resources and thank you for sharing them with us”. Sarah Twigg Doyle @ReTwiggd, March 2020

“Thank you Lily! I’ve deleted lots of crap on my feed, I’m regramming some older upcycle work I’ve done and being a lot more focused! I’ve filled out my goals sheet that I printed off from your PDF and I’m so grateful to you and your help! I’m more focused on what I’m actually about!” Abi, Opal Transformations, April 2020

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