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You have a charismatic smile and can’t help but inspire.

You have an innate ability to nurture and empathise with integrity.

You are tenacious to the very end; embracing challenges gives you the ultimate buzz.

Your signature style is courageous charisma.

Your story is one of bravery and perseverance; there is nothing you can’t achieve.

This means you are a bright shining light showing others the way.

3 Danger Zones

With such an innovative mind as yours, you often get misunderstood which can lead to discouragement. A deep understanding of who you are and what you stand for will help you break barriers.

Much of innovation is often invisible at the start. Sometimes you feel like giving up. Own who you are and stand your ground. Find a good mentor to help you stay strong and on track.

Tiredness. You tend to demand too much of yourself which leads to exhaustion. Give yourself some true rest to replenish your mind and body. In no time, healthy creative juices will start flowing again.

The Downside of Being an Inspiring Innovator

Pressure. You feel like people are watching your every move looking for inspiration. This can lead to a sense of fear – fear of disappointing other people and yourself.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Let me show you how to gain clarity with purpose.

#1 Understand the season you are in now – in your life and other endeavours.

#2 Develop clear and effective strategies for each season so that you are not running blindly or beating the air.

#3 Take definitive action. And remember that overnight success is never overnight.

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