Stylishly incorporate devices into your interiors with Retroduck

Stylishly incorporate devices into your interiors with Retroduck


We’ve all been there – feeling that wires and cables follow us around and hide in every nook and cranny in ours homes like annoying and fiddly little stalkers. It’s frustrating!


I’ve bought a couple of device display rest and chargers but they look rather ugly – white, plastic and big, and they end up binned soon enough or gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. Not good at all. We need some smart device solutions that are stylish and can be effortlessly incorporated into our interiors.

Enter Retroduck, the brainchild of a group of clever young people called WiseKids whose made it their mission to create smart and stylish solutions for our devices. Their first project – the smart phone.


But first, I’ve thought of a couple of tips on how to do just this – stylishly incorporate devices into your interiors. Don’t forget to download my free resources that will help you design your own interiors and grow your Instagram account!


Choose colours that complement your scheme. The photo above shows the red-orange RetroduckQ to go with my orange cushion. An interesting space makes the eye travel around the entire room because there is so much to see. A colour that picks up from another spot of colour in the room to invite the viewer’s eyes to discover areas is a great trick.


Don’t be afraid of strong colours. If you are worried about being too bold, then to make sure that your colour scheme is cohesive, keep your colours at the same saturation level. Here you can see that the strength of the green is the same as the strength of the orange. They are not competing against each other; on the contrary, they complement each other’s saturation strength.

To provide a breathing space for the saturation levels, add a contrast, either of texture – in this case metallic and wooden, and / or black and white.


Go for a design that is unexpected! Usually when we think of device holders, we think of boxy shapes, clinical whites, utilitarian styles, designs that fit nicely into a shelf or next to the TV. I’d say, forget all that and go for something stylish and different. Something you wouldn’t think of easily.


And this is where I want to introduce RetroduckQ – designed like the old tube television we had before flatscreen days, but more modern and elegant. They even have dials and antennas that give them the analogue look. Smart digital phone on an analogue TV rest. Brilliant. As a photographer, this reminds of of a medium format camera with a digital back. Mixing great design and technology together regardless of eras is genius. The RetroduckQ also has adjustable legs for the optimum viewing angles.




1. First of all, you need to make sure your phone, either iPhone or Android, is capable of wireless charging.

2. Plug in the RetroduckQ to a power socket.

3. Pop your phone (without the wire) directly on the RetroduckQ resting pad! That’s it! As long as there’s no phone rings or pop-up holders on the back of the phone, it charges automatically. You don’t have to remove it from the protection necessarily unless you’ve put it in a really thick case. Any protection under 3mm thick is fine.


It’s also safe! With features like anti-slip pad, oven temperature protection, foreign object detection, over voltage protection, short current protection, dual over current protection and dynamic power limiting, you can have peace of mind.


You can put it anywhere you have access to a power socket. I suggest having a few of these, one in the kitchen – great for watching a programme whilst cooking, one in the living room and another in the bedroom. The RetroduckQ units can remain plugged so there’s no need for wires hanging off on your phone anymore. The unit comes with a 1 metre cable just the right standard length usually so there are no extra cables to coil up and hide!


Here below is the white unit shown in my kitchen contrasting with the dark worktop. I find that kitchens are particularly a good place because power sockets are abundant. The RetroduckQ comes in 3 colours: red, dark grey, and white. Watch this cool video here of how it works.


The RetroduckQ is their latest version of this wireless charger. I love the older version too – the Retroduck Original which looks like a 70s TV with a modern twist! These would be great for my childrens older phones!


Do you think having one of these will help your home feel more organised? Less wires and more style! Follow Retroduck on Instagram for inspiring photos of how their product is being used. Don’t forget to download my free resources that will help you design your own interiors and grow your Instagram account!

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SPECIAL OFFER!!! For every RetroduckQ order, they are including a free adapter. They ship worldwide!

All the RetroduckQ units featured on this blogpost have been gifted as part of a collaboration and Retroduck has also sponsored this blog.

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